Lava Music’s Progressive Lava Me Professional Guitar – Cool Looking®

Increasing on design options from earlier variations, Lava Music unveiled the Lava Me Professional, the instrument maker’s strongest guitar ever. Efficiency-oriented PRO permits for many improvisation within the studio or on stage. Its unibody makes it light-weight and simple to deal with, and the expandable pre-amp system makes it ripe for plugging into high-performance speaker set-ups.

The general configuration of the LAVA ME PRO informs how the ultimate acoustics sound. The unibody (crafted from a proprietary materials known as AirCarbon) refers to aviation design and makes use of a honeycomb construction to cut back total weight and produce up output quantity. Finally, this guitar weighs 25% lower than the usual carbon fiber model. Its ultimate look—a mixture of space-age design and online game equipment, and an ergonomic improve from conventional fashions—seems to be appropriately futuristic given its capabilities.

The instruments wanted to create the impact with out further gear, instruments or functions are embedded. Supposed to spare musicians of their reliance on the pedalboard, the guitar has buttons and toggles for reverb, mix-control, refrain, delay, and turbo modes. These settings—collectively known as the FreeBoost system—may be repeated till the specified sonic output is achieved, and may be simply repeated by returning to the mode as an alternative of a fancy app or board. For instance, Turbo boosts the guitar by 50%, whereas Reverb turns the acoustic instrument into an important bedroom-pop guitar.

The physique of the LAVA ME PRO is weatherproof even in situations as much as 203 levels Fahrenheit, and its carry-case, product of “airbuff,” acts as a protection mechanism. Gentle and elastic, when the AirBuff is hit or dropped, a molecular-level response hardens and protects its contents.

The guitar, priced at $1399 and obtainable in a single measurement, is made-to-order and is available in two colours: black gold and area grey.

Photos courtesy of Lava Music

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