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The story of the movie is credited to the director’s son “Racer Max”.

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Director Robert Rodriguez credit the story of the movie to his son.

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The movie opens with a title display screen that reads, “Primarily based on the tales and desires of Racer Max,” son of the movie’s author and director Robert Rodriguez.

Rodriguez continued to jot down and direct for the movie’s most up-to-date sequel, “We Can Be Heroes,” and Racer made a cameo look as a helicopter pilot.

Sharkboy’s wetsuit has each a fin and a flame.

sharkboy and lovegirl 2

The swimsuit design combines the symbols of Sharkboy and Lovegirl.

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Through the scene that reveals Sharkboy’s backstory—the place he’s feeding the shark together with his father earlier than parting methods within the storm—the character wears a moist swimsuit that has shark fins and flames in entrance of him.

Later, Max explains that the shark’s fins and flames are symbols of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

Max could also be an creative storyteller, however he is nonetheless mastering the spell.

Sharkboy and LoveGrill 3

Max’s pocket book is crammed with doodles, concepts, and tales.

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Max’s dream guide is vital all through the movie, and he might be seen studying it in each the true world and the dream world.

The guide options phrases and photos in quite a lot of colours and kinds, and switches between cursive, print and bubble letters of their writing.

When Max reads from his Ebook of Desires throughout class, the viewers can see a spelling mistake the place he forgot the “l” in “usually”.

The shark rocket ship on which the youngsters journey was beforehand depicted in Max’s dream.

sharkboy and lovegirl 7

Max’s desires come to life within the movie.

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When Max falls asleep when his mother and father discover him within the kitchen, the viewers catches a short glimpse of his desires.

The sequence entails watching a shark-shaped rocket ship fly away from Earth.

When Sharkboy and Lavagirl present up at Max’s college the following day, they’re touring in the identical rocket ship.

There is a scene that asks viewers to put on their 3D glasses – even when it is not in 3D.

Sharkboy and Lovegirl 8A (1)

The movie was initially made in 3D.

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When Max enters the rocket ship with Sharkboy and Lavagirl, an indication flashes that claims, “Glasses on.”

Within the movie, Max is the signal for Sharkboy and Lovegirl, who’re required to placed on their glasses earlier than takeoff. However in actual life, it signaled that it was time for viewers to placed on their 3D glasses.

Each the theatrical and DVD releases of “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl” had 3D choices.

One of many sights of Planet Drool is a intelligent twist on a surreal mountain.

Sharkboy and Lovegirl 9 (5)

Mount By no means Relaxation is a play on Mount Everest.

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The villain of Max’s dream world, Mr. Electrical, prevents the youngsters from sleeping in order that they can not dream of a greater dream world.

A part of this evil plan entails trapping children on a curler coaster that by no means stops working.

The coaster is named Mount By no means Relaxation, which is a intelligent twist on Mount Everest.

There’s an deserted “Recreation Man” within the Dream Graveyard.

Sharkboy and LoveGrill 10

The “Recreation Man” resembles an actual life Recreation Boy.

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The Dream Graveyard on Planet Drools is filled with toys that Max stopped enjoying with in the true world.

One such toy that may be seen within the background is a handheld online game with “Recreation Man” written on the entrance.

Between the identify and the design, it is clearly supposed to be a spoof on a Nintendo Recreation Boy.

The identify of Max’s robotic just isn’t utterly random.

Sharkboy and LoveGrill 11 (5)

Tobor is “robotic” written on the again.

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The robotic that Max left in the true world can also be within the Dream Graveyard on Planet Drool.

Max calls him Tobor, and he helps Max, Sharkboy, and Lavagirl escape from Dream Graveyard.

Max by no means explains the rationale behind the robotic’s identify, however “Tobor” is “Robotic” written backwards.

Sharkboy’s combat scenes allowed actor Taylor Lautner to showcase his true martial-arts abilities.

Sharkboy and Lovegirl 12 (3)

Taylor Lautner as Sharkboy.

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Throughout Mr Electrical’s combat towards the Plug Hounds, Sharkboy defends himself by whipping round a chunk of his Shark scooter.

The piece he fights is just like a Bow Employees, a weapon that Lautner was skilled in as a toddler.

All through the movie, combat scenes allowed Lautner to point out off martial-arts abilities, which he honed for real-life nationwide competitions.

When the minus holds the dream guide, it’s inverted in a single shot however a couple of seconds later as much as the appropriate.

sharkboy and lovegirl 13

The guide by accident turned the other way up for a second.

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Max’s class bully, Linus, seems on Planet Drool because the evil Minus.

When Minus first reveals Max that he stole the dream guide, the bully is clearly holding the guide the other way up. A number of seconds later he’s out of the blue holding the guide appropriately, regardless that it hasn’t visibly moved.

When Linus wakes up, saliva drips onto his desk, which has vital implications.

Sharkboy and LoveGrill 14

There’s quite a lot of connection between the true world and the dream world.

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Mr Electridad wakes Max up after a visit to the Dream World with Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

Linus had additionally fallen asleep at college, and when Mr. Electricidad woke him, there was a speck of saliva on his desk.

Which means Linus really visited the planet Drole.

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